I didn’t buy a Powerball lottery ticket and here’s why:

Yesterday, a friend of mine was telling me that he was going to buy a Powerball lottery ticket on his lunch break. I thought about it and figured I’ll go spend $2 to be a part of the fun,”why not”. Then I began thinking about the consequences of publicly winning a billion dollars and here’s WHY NOT:

You can’t remain anonymous.

There are only 6 states that the laws allow you to remain anonymous. Since California is not one of those states, that is my 1st why not. The 6 States that allow you to remain anonymous are Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Carolina.

Your life will never be the same.

I love my life. Just the way it is. It might not be “perfect”, I might not have the money I want (and sometimes “need”) and there could be fewer bills, less cleaning and less laundry, but when you look at the big picture we all have awesome lives. Great friends of our choosing and great family-not always of our choosing. The facts, almost 70% of lottery winners end up broke after 7 years. Even worse, some have committed suicide after their lives were turned upside down.

You will never know who to trust.

People will come from everywhere to be your best friend. Yes, you have the friends you talked to everyday before you became a billionaire, but after a while of fending off all of those long lost high school friends you do not remember, you will begin questioning your closest friends. Are you certain they don’t like you even a little more now that you can take them to one of your three houses on Lake Como?


I enjoy walking to the grocery store while on the phone with a friend and not being bothered by anyone at that grocery store. I also enjoy that the craziest person posting pictures of my 3 month old baby on the Internet is my Mother. Most lottery winners have been robbed or attempted to be robbed. I am paranoid enough walking around with $122 cash in a $400 wallet. Let alone everyone in the country knowing I just won a BILLION dollars. You would need a compound, 24/7 body guards, and probably a moat around it all.

I wouldn’t trade all of those things for every rare, vintage Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, all of the houses in Italy, Greece, Switzerland, or for the court side seats at Wimbledon (or even the press box with John McEnroe commentating in it) Now, let’s all get out there and work towards earning the money we will feel good about spending and enjoying the awesome lives we get to live!

Author: Colbie McRae

In February of 2015, I started insureCAL Insurance Agency from scratch. Now in our 2nd year, we will have 5 licensed agents and an awesome partnership with a number of great insurance carriers. insureCAL’s main focus is the agriculture industry, it’s what all of us grew up knowing and loving.

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