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Beating the Heat with Xeriscaping

by Patrick Ramsay

While El Niño is set to bring some much needed water to California this year, it will not end the drought. According to the Association of California Water Agencies, no single factor is going to determine when the drought ends. With that being said, there are some ways the everyday Californian can do their part in conserving water while also boasting a beautiful yard. One of these ways is called xeriscaping. The term xeriscaping is derived from the Greek word “xeros” for dry and “scape” for a place or scene. It literally translates into “dry scene,” but it actually refers to a method of landscaping that includes mostly native, drought tolerant plants that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation.


Staying green during a drought has never been more important. While many Californians are experiencing restricted access to water due to emergency conservation measures, they can still maintain the appeal of a well-cared for property through xeriscaping. One of the greatest immediate benefits of xeriscaping is that it saves money on water bills while also requiring a lower amount of maintenance. Not only does xeriscaping save money and time on maintenance, it reduces the amount of waste going into landfills.


The planting options for xeriscaping reach far beyond California. Drought tolerant plants can also come from places with similar climates to California, such as Southern Europe, North Africa, Western Asia, South Africa, and Australia. The exotic array of drought tolerant plants from other countries is often overlooked, but there are a growing number of resources and nurseries that are specializing in xeriscaping plants, the trick is finding the right plant to meet your style. Which plants will you feature in your xeriscape?