How A Santa Clara Building Owner Saved $1600 On Their Insurance

What if I told you, I could SAVE you money, all while getting you BETTER coverage, on your commercial property insurance? No, this is not another one of those too good to be true insurance solicitations.

A local building owner on Victor St., recently called me to quote their commercial property insurance. Not only were they missing crucial coverage but they saved over $1600 a year!! After seeing the benefits I was able to offer this client I knew I could help out more local building owners.

Could you use an extra $1600 a year? What about a coverage evaluation that may save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event of a claim that your current insurance doesn’t cover?

Take 10-15 minutes out of your day to call or email me with your commercial building information: Colbie McRae – (209)765-0819 or

Author: Colbie McRae

In February of 2015, I started insureCAL Insurance Agency from scratch. Now in our 2nd year, we will have 5 licensed agents and an awesome partnership with a number of great insurance carriers. insureCAL’s main focus is the agriculture industry, it’s what all of us grew up knowing and loving.

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