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Flood Insurance: Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover It?

Imagine, you are standing on your front porch and there is water up to your ankles, flowing into your house. You are thinking, “at least I have homeowners insurance to cover stuff like this”. Wrong. Flood and Earthquake perils are not covered on any Homeowners Insurance policies in California. These policies must be purchased separately and usually have a 30 day wait period before coverage is effective.

A recent study says Ventura and Oxnard California are at greater risk for tsunami than previously thought. A computer simulation shows that a wave 23 feet high could crash more than a mile inland.

On top of that scary thought, meteorologists are predicting an El Niño season with heavy rainfall and possible mudslides in Southern California washing homes and properties away.

Your current homeowners insurance does NOT cover flood. So what do you do before this winter hits to protect your property? Get a flood insurance policy!!

Any questions or for a flood insurance proposal, please, get in touch with an expert before it is too late.


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How A Santa Clara Building Owner Saved $1600 On Their Insurance

What if I told you, I could SAVE you money, all while getting you BETTER coverage, on your commercial property insurance? No, this is not another one of those too good to be true insurance solicitations.

A local building owner on Victor St., recently called me to quote their commercial property insurance. Not only were they missing crucial coverage but they saved over $1600 a year!! After seeing the benefits I was able to offer this client I knew I could help out more local building owners.

Could you use an extra $1600 a year? What about a coverage evaluation that may save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event of a claim that your current insurance doesn’t cover?

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How Important Is Business Interruption Coverage For Your Business?

66% of small businesses do not have or lack business interruption insurance coverage (AKA business income), according to a Nationwide Insurance sponsored survey. Small business want to save money wherever they can but small businesses are the ones that need this coverage more than ever.

What is it?

Business income coverage consists of two factors:

  1. The Net Income that would have been earned or incurred
  2. AND continuing normal operating expenses (including payroll)

This coverage is similar to additional living expense on a homeowners insurance policy or loss of rent on a home rental policy. This coverage helps pay for what you are missing out on because of the claim you incurred,

Why does my business it?

More than half of the respondents from the Nationwide sponsored survey said it would take them at least three months to recover from a disaster. 44% said they don’t have access to a generator if disaster hit.

How much more is it? 

Business interruption coverage is a small increase in premium to be added onto a policy. It all depends on the type of business and the amount of coverage but is a great thing to at least talk with your insurance advisor about.